About Us

We are a local family owned and operated food distribution business. 

Mediterranean Foods Nelson began back in September 2002, operating from a retail shop on Halifax Street next to the Nelson Library. Over the following years we have changed our business model several times to fit with the continually changing market place and economy, in what is a very seasonal Nelson hospitality industry. 

Today we are a niche food distributor supplying around 1000 quality products into the restaurants, caterers and cafes throughout the Nelson Tasman region.

We operate from a compact and efficient warehouse with walk in chillers and freezers on our property in Brightwater. We have found over the many years in the industry, that a smaller organised facility, with everything at our fingertips works well for us and our customers.  

Meet The Team

We are a family owned and run business. In fact its a standing joke that only family work here, with the very occasional exception. Who are we?

Peter - The old hand who started the journey 17 years ago

Kathie (other half) - Hides in the background helping with accounts etc

Luke (Son) - In charge of operations, ie the warehouse and orders

Ella (Lukes partners sister) - works with Luke running the warehouse operation

Sean (Son in law) - Newest team member taking the lead with customer relations

Matt (Son) - Runs the Freezers, packing and delivering orders.

Corey (not family, yes theres one) - Packing and delivering orders.


We deliver free of charge daily Monday to Saturday. We use our own chiller/freezer vans for the city through to Richmond,  Mapua, Upper Moutere, Motueka, Marahau and Kaiteriteri. For further afield through to Golden Bay we have teamed up with local carriers who specialise in delivering chilled and frozen freight. With our resources combined we are able to offer an efficient prompt delivery service through the entire Nelson Tasman region.

Check with us for your delivery times and days. Monday to Friday we do 2 deliveries daily. The first one is earlier with the second usually finished around midday. Saturday is one delivery in the morning.

Our newest delivery vans are freezer vans, which mean they can be run down to -22 degrees. Ideal when carrying ice cream.

Let us know which run time best suits your kitchen needs